Saturday, August 30, 2008

Check Out My New Yahoo Group

Hello all,

I just created a new Yahoo group focused around Internet marketing and profitable website creation. There is lots of good information there including FREE ebooks in the files section, that you can download and share with whomever you want.

Here is the link:

Free Online Marketing Information

The information provided is the same info that I used to construct my antiaging site!

Check out my new group when you get a chance and please let me know what you think.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

My Site Build It Story

Hello again,

Just a few words that I want to share with you about my new Antiaging site. It would not have been possible without Site Build It and the amazing set of tools they include to make it possible to build a highly trafficked online presence to promote your business, hobby or personal passion.

Some years ago I picked up a book called "Multiple Streams of Internet Income," written by Robert Allen, the real estate guru who taught Carlton Sheets the business. It contained a wealth of information, too much information for me to be truthful. I felt overwhelmed and the book got forgotten for a couple of years.

In time I picked it up and attempted to read through it again, and came upon some information about a friend of Mr Allen's named Ken Evoy. Allen reccomended Ken's site which was called "Sitesell" and I checked out SiteSell online and was very impressed by what I saw.

Most programs pitching online business success seem to leave you confused, and chasing your tail so to speak. They promise instant wealth if you just buy their program or sign up for their book or seminar. They never quite explain just what it is you need to do to make all this money, just glittering generalities about how the cash will start pouring in if only you "order now!"

Even if I wanted to I could never follow these programs. They just don't explain things well, and seem to lead to more confusion.

That is where SiteSell was different.

I watched a 20 minute video that showed step by step just how SiteSell and their flagship product SBI could not only host your website, but would take you through the process of picking a profitable niche using keyword popularity, registering a domain name, creating good web content, and getting lots of targeted traffic to your website.

Only then, after all these steps have been completed, are you to focus on selling your product or service. This really amazed me, because it was what I had been looking for! Finally, a structure and guide to show me exactly what to do and how to do it, at every point in the process. They even offer consulting services for a very reasonable fee if you need them.

I never heard any pitch about instant money or easy sucess. Instead SBI emphasizes that their process takes time and hard work. Imagine that.....the honest truth about what it really takes to succeed online, with no hype, or magic. I thought "this is EXACTLY what I want!"

It's been less than a year and I have published a site with 122 pages and still growing. My Alexa ranking has gone from 14,000,000 to 2,450,000 and my site is getting between 50 and 100 unique visitors a day. I still have lots of hard work ahead of me, but that's ok, because I have my goals in sight and now it is just a matter of patience and persistance on my part, and the success will come.

I urge any of you who are contemplating building an online presence for e-commerce or any other forms of promotion online to consider the tremendous value that SBI provides. I would be glad to answer any questions about SBI personally, and you can contact me through my online contact form.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Prince Charles Sounds Off On Genetically Modified Foods

Who would have thought that Prince Charles heir to the British throne of all people would sound the alarm on GMO (geneticall modified foods) but that's exactly what he has done.

Prince Charles Warns About GMO Foods

I have a newfound respect for the prince as he is bucking the establishment scentific and otherwise by his public stance, but I believe he is quite correct to point out the dangers of GMO foods.

Hopefully with this warning coming from such a popular and well known figure as the Prince, most people on both sides of the Atlantic will take notice and rethink our headlong rush into corporate food production.

Protein Powder - It's Not All Created Equal

Hello all....

In our fast paced lifestyle, we often choose to do our eating on the run, or at least in a manner that's as quick and convenient as we can. We just don't take the time and patience to really prepare meals like our parents generation did.

As a long time strength athlete and person concerned about strength, fitness, and building muscle, I have been using protein powders for years. I never really thought of protein powder as fast food, but it IS!

I am not saying that it is as unhealthy as a large Coke and fries, but the wrong type of protein powder can cause problems for you and I'm going to relate some personal experience to explain why.

Powdered protein has come a long way over the years to the point where it is much tastier and easier to mix then what we used years ago. However, as always, cost is the key factor for companies that make the stuff, and whey concentrate has emerged as the cheapest form of protein powder to make. This means that it ends up in most over the counter protein powders that are sold to the public.

The problem with whey concentrate is that it has a high "glycemic
" which means that it tends to raise blood sugar somewhat rapidly. Once blood sugar goes up, the body secrets insulin to bring it down again. When your blood sugar falls, you will feel a loss of energy and a lethargic feeling because your brain runs on glucose and is now not getting enough to keep you alert and focused.

I have written a web page about protein choices which will go into more detail and explain which types of protein are best. I have because of my experiences gone to a casein based protein rather than whey, as it takes much longer to digest, but gives you a much more stable blood sugar level, and I feel, helps build more muscle in the long run.

Check out my page here:
The Best Protein Supplement

If you use protein powder as part of your dietary routine, you need to know this information. Incorrect protein sources can sabotage your nutritional efforts, so check out this page and get the facts!