Sunday, February 28, 2010

Medical Freedom

Hello all!

I thought I would post today about a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and that is medical freedom. You might be asking yourself just what I mean by this. What I mean is the freedom to choose the kind of health care and medical treatment you want, as well as the freedom to use nutritional supplements for yourself and your family.

You might wonder why this is an issue at all, and you may be surprised to learn that this freedom is under assault by our government even as we speak. Just so that everyone understands where I am coming from, this is not a criticism of Barack O'Bama because he is a liberal Democrat, and I have traditionally leaned Republican.

This is because the health care bill that he is championing has provisions in it that will limit our freedom to choose and I think that is perhaps the greatest threat that it poses to us and our country.

The monopolies that corporate business seeks to impose on all of us through various mandates are disguised as benefits. What they really are is an attempt by big business to force all of us into a one size fits all model of health care that THEY control.

This is not "socialized medicine" as you have perhaps heard or been led to believe. This is "corporatized medicine," where the large insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies get to monopolize the system completely.

You may have heard the expression "evidence based medicine," which is another word for "drug based" medicine being pushed by the pharmaceutical industry.  What's wrong with medicine based on evidence you ask?

Well, just remember that this "evidence" they are talking about comes from research and clinical trials that the drug industry pays for and controls. We are already seeing incidences of scientists cooking the data and hiding some of the side effects that showed up in these clinical trials because their work is being funded by the companies who's products they are testing.

This is called a "conflict of interest," and is rampant throughout the system that is supposed to be provided accurate and unbiased information. Listen to Dr. John Abramson explain how this came about and what the implications are for our medical system:

This is only about 8 minutes long but well worth watching!  Continuing with my point about evidence based medicine, it becomes clear that the evidence the drug industry bases its claims of safety and effectiveness upon is not reliable. Yet those in government, pretty much bribed by the drug industry continue to push for regulating nutritional supplements, and continue to attack holistic or alternative medical therapies as dangerous and unproven.

The truth is that the products of the pharmaceutical industry are the ones that are dangerous and unproven, and unfortunately they are what will be sold to an unsuspecting public as "evidence based medicine."