Friday, April 25, 2008

Health-N-Sport....Where health meets performance

Hello all,

Just want to give you a heads up about a great nutritional supplement site run by my good friends Kim and Nick Carola. Kim is a busy mom of two, has a biochemistry degree and is a personal trainer.

Her husband Nick has a 25+ year background in strength training and is a former National Champion in Powerlifting. Their knowledge spans every area of health, nutrition, and fitness.

Their prices and service are great, and they are always willing to answer a question or give pertinent advice about nutrition or supplements. That's why I have done business with them for many years.

Do yourself a favor and check out their "Health-N-Sport" site. You will be glad you did!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Safe Breast Cancer Detection with Infrared Thermography


Did you know that there is a completely safe and non-invasive test that can detect abnormalities in the breast up to 10 years before cancer develops? This test can give a woman time to take action such as diet and other lifestyle changes in the hopes of avoiding breast cancer, while other screening proceedures only detect the cancer AFTER it has formed!

If you are a woman, or a man who wants to help protect the women in your life from breast cancer, then please check out my new page on this amazing technology called "Infra Red Thermography," and learn how you or the women in your life can benefit from this free and important new information.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Redpoint Software is Here!

At last, after four years of painstaking development and testing, Redpoint training and nutrition software is making it's debut!

This software provides customizable templates to track and manage all of your exercise and diet information. It tells you what to eat, and when, as well as which exercises to do, and how often.

This is not my product, but is such a great concept that I want all my readers to know about it.

Check it out at: Redpoint Fitness

I think you will be impressed!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Science of Doyletics

If you have ever wondered where emotions come from and whether it is possible to eliminate negative emotional states like anger, fear, anxiety, or eliminate phobias, then you might want to check out my page on Doyletics.

It is a memory tracing technique that you can use to eliminate emotional stress. It was invented by a retired aerospace engineer named Doyle Henderson. You will find an explaination of the technique and a link to complete instructions for performing what is called a "speed trace," on my webpage at the link above.

If you try it and it works for you, please post your experiences with it on the blog.



Friday, April 11, 2008

New Breakthrough for Diabetes!

This bit of news is about a potential cure for type 1 diabetes. Research done recently at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto Canada has uncovered some interesting insights into diabetes.

Previously it was thought that the cause was an autoimmune reaction that targeted and destroyed the islet cells of the pancreas. However the new research seems to point in another direction. It suggests that malfunctioning nerves in the pancreas were damaging the islet cells because of an excess of substance p that which was causing the inflammation that was damaging the cells.

Researchers used injections of capsaicin into diabetic mice and successfully reversed type 1 diabetes, the first time this has ever been done.

Discovery of a critical role for sensory nerves in diabetes opens door to new treatment strategies

What I find interesting about this is that capsaicin is isolated from cayenne pepper, and cayenne has been used for many years as a "folk remedy" for diabetes. Is science now validating an age-old remedy for this disease? It’s too early to tell just how effective this technique will be in humans, but it certainly opens up new possibilities for treatment!

Hello - Welcome To My Blog!

Hello all, and welcome to my first blog! I will be writing about health, wellness, antiaging, and performance enhancement. I will try and keep the blog updated with the latest information that I have culled from the net and other sources.

I invite any of you who are interested in this topic to check it out and share your ideas and opinions. All I ask is that you keep an open mind, and if you have criticism, make it constructive and civil.

I would also encourage all of you to check out my web page on antiaging, referenced in my profile. It has a lot of information and is growing day by day.