Friday, July 4, 2008

Healthy Chocolate

I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but there IS such a thing. Just keep in mind that what I am about to say should not be construed to mean that you can feast on M&Ms and not gain weight. Rather it means that pure organic chocolate has natural chemical compounds called "polyphenols" that are healthy for the body when consumed in moderation. To get these benefits you have to get the right form of chocolate, and to that end, I have written a new page all about the benefits of healthy chocolate.

The Benefits of Healthy Chocolate

I learned alot about chocolate while writing this page, and also about the dark side (no pun intended) of chocolate in terms of its mildly addictive qualities and the fact that slave labor was once used in the harvesting and processing of Cacao beans used to make chocolate.

I have found a company that makes mixtures of pure organic chocolate and herbs, and that certifies that it's products are organic, and that they are made on cooperatives which help support local farmers and communities. I plan on featuring their products on my page once I get a sample to try for myself.

So here's to healthy chocolate!

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