Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another Voice in the Health Care Debate

Hello all,

     I stumbled upon an op-ed piece by Michael Pollan of the New York Times about the health care bill currently being fought over in Congress. His editorial piece really hits the nail on the head as he explains how the federal government is subsidizing both health care and the food industry that is causing obesity in this country.

Big Food vs. Big Insurance

Pollan argues quite correctly that NO health care system can compensate for the bad eating and lifestyle choices that American's make.

Ironically says Pollan, it may turn out to be the insurance industry that will push for healthier food choices by Americans because it will simply be too cost prohibitive to allow the current system to continue without significant changes to our national eating habits.

Until now insurance companies have found it more cost effective to refuse to cover certain individuals with chronic illnesses. However under a mandate where they cannot refuse coverage for pre-existing conditions, the insurance companies will have a powerful economic incentive to attack the causes of chronic disease.

This could get REALLY interesting and may indeed bear out the belief that "the market" will ultimately find a solution to our health care problem that encompasses encouraging healthier lifestyles.

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