Monday, June 20, 2011

Body Grounding - My Experience......

Body grounding was the subject of a recent page on my antiaging site, but I admitted that when I wrote the page I had not experienced it's alleged benefits yet. That all changed last week when I purchase my first grounding pad.

Grounding or earthing as it's also called, is simply the act of being in contact with the Earth's electromagnetic charge. This requires either having your bare feet on the ground such as grass or even concrete, OR using some kind of grounding pad or strap that connects you with a true ground.

You actually absorb free electrons from the Earth, which act as antioxidants in your body, fighting inflammation and reducing oxidative stress. Most of us think of antioxidants as coming from nutritional supplements of some kind, but surprise.....they can also come from the Earth itself!

The mat I am using has a wire that plugs into the 3rd hole in an electrical outlet. When you purchase the mat, there is a tester included that you plug into the outlet to ensure that it is grounded properly. The tester lights up if there is a true ground connection being made.

I have been using the mat while writing at the computer and also for sleeping. There is a REAL difference that I can feel.

Waking up in the morning without the usual stiffness is a welcome change. I have done barbell squats (very demanding for me) 3 times so far this week. I normally do them only once. I am not having any problems with soreness, which is unusual, as squats are a killer for me.

Everything from a sense of physical and mental well being to less pain, stiffness, and more rapid recovery from exercise are all indications that body grounding (at least in my case) is everything it's supposed to be and more.

This is one of THE most significant new health related discoveries that I have made in years. Within days I have been sold on the grounding pad. I would strongly suggest that all of you discover this easy and convenient way of helping your body ward off pain, fatigue, and stress.

Give grounding a try, you will be more than glad you did!


  1. Hi

    It's amazing that you say this about this grounding mat. Is it available in India? There is a big market for this and the patients in my anti aging clinic here would die for this!

    By the way I have and continue to prescribe earthing to my clients especially the beach. Living here in Mumbai which has about 43 kms of beaches facing the Arabian sea, a barefoot walk on soft sand with the wind blowing on your face and the sea and open sky can work wonders. The direct contact with the sand shoots feel good energy through your entire body.

    According to my experience, the wave of wellness according to me comes not immediately but after about 30 minutes of constant contact with the sand or the earth. So grounding for more than 30 minutes at a stretch is advisable if one wants to feel energised at the end of the 'grounding' session.

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