Saturday, January 25, 2014

Earthing and Antiaging Skincare

Earthing just may be one of the best forms of antiaging skincare, and it isn't even something you use on your face! Surprised? Well...I sure was when I tried it, because that was NOT the result that I was looking for, but it was part of the benefit I got. Let me tell you about my experience.

I first learned about Earthing (or grounding as it's also called) from a video clip of Dr. Stephen Sinatra talking about what he called "Caveman medicine." This was all about making electrical contact with the Earth (as in the ground beneath your feet) with your body.

At first I was skeptical, not about whether it had ANY benefit, but that something so simple could have that much of a positive effect. Still, this intrigued me, because Dr. Sinatra is a renowned cardiologist, and frankly, MD's tend to be very logical and evidence based people.

They just don't get much into the touchy feely stuff that you might associate with something called Earthing. Yet here he was telling us that this simple connection to the Earth's electrical energy could have all kinds of health benefits, with absolutely no risk, not to mention very little expense.

Dr. Sinatra related how even just walking on a beach with wet feet would cause you to absorb electrical ions into your body that would act as natural antioxidants and reduce inflammation, as well as lowering your stress levels.

I noted that years ago, while visiting my aunt's cottage at a local lake, I would feel amazingly relaxed and pain free by the end of the day. I chalked it up to a stress free day, spent with family, and just relaxing by the water.

The idea that I was absorbing the Earth's electrical energy was something that never entered my mind. I also notice that my skin seemed to look healthier, something which I attributed to the sun, fresh air, and the water, but again, looking back I think the Earthing effect was a big reason for that.

I reasoned that Dr. Sinatra's explanation on the video clip seemed to fit the circumstances perfectly, and so maybe there WAS something to this Earthing thing after all. So I broke down and bought a grounding pad for $59.00, just to try out the theory.

I used the grounding pad under my feet when working on the computer, and even slept on it at night. I noticed the effect within a day or so, and it was profound, no doubt about it, something very different was happening, and I felt great!

What did I notice? Mainly that I felt very relaxed and stress free, like nothing was worrying me, and I didn't have a care in the world. I also noted a lack of pain or stiffness in my body, and let me tell you, for a 57 year old with over 25 years of competition level weightlifting training on my body, that's saying something!

Old weightlifters typically suffer a lot of chronic nagging injuries, aches, and pains, due to years of handling weights that most people could only roll across the floor let alone lift. This is what hard training does, and it's pretty much inevitable.

But here I was feeling less pain than I did in my 30's and being amazed that something this simple and inexpensive could make that kind of difference. I tend to be good at connecting the dots on a lot of things, and my experiences at the lake visiting my aunt, and the explanations of Dr. Sinatra for why I experienced the benefits just seems to fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

It makes logical sense that your skin also benefits from antioxidant effects, which the grounding pad will supply. This is because free electrons from whatever source function as antioxidants to suppress free radicals. IN the case of Earthing, this was antiaging skincare that didn't even involve anything applied to your skin, like a cream or a lotion. This is because free radical damage (which Earthing prevents) is the reason your skin ages and loses it's beauty as you get older.

Grounding has noticeably improved the look of my skin, something that I didn't anticipate but of course I'm very pleased with. In fact, it's a more beneficial form of antiaging skincare than anything else I've ever done!

I am still Earthing and still getting the benefits of it. I don't present this as some kind of cure for any disease, or as a panacea for health problems, but the theory seems sound, and I felt the benefits even in light of my skepticism, and now would not ever give up my grounding pad.

I run the antiaging website called Longevity and Antiaging Secrets, and I decided to become an affiliate for these grounding products. You can read more about Earthing and grounding pads and their benefits at the link below.

However honestly, you can find these pads all over the Internet, on Amazon, and other websites. They are all about the same price, because I think they are all made by the same manufacturer. You can pick them up pretty much everywhere.

Give Earthing a try, and I'm sure you will discover for yourself how something very simple and basic can change your health for the better! They don't cost much, and again from my experience they are one of the best things you can do for your health.

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  1. Has anyone here heard of NAD? I read an article about its potential anti-aging properties and was curious if anyone had experience with it. I even found a company selling a supplement containing NAD ( and I’m thinking of trying it… Does anyone else have experience with NAD?