Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sarcopenia - The Problem of Age Related Muscle Loss

Sarcopenia is a little known but serious health condition that affects many people as they age. This is a condition in which you lose lean muscle mass and with it your bone density, mobility, and general health.

Muscle is more than just a pleasing physique at the beach or a means of lifting or carrying things. It is essential to controlling blood sugar and avoiding diabetes, keeping your bones strong, and other metabolic functions which are necessary to your health.

Your degree of lean muscle mass and strength is the single greatest indicator of health. If you were to lose 40% of your lean muscle mass you would die. Find our more about sarcopenia and what you can do to prevent or reverse it at the link below:

Sarcopenia - The Problem of Age Related Muscle Loss

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  1. In medicine, sarcopenia is rare but it is uncommon. To avoid this once must exercise, eat more protein and if necessary take daily creatine supplement.